Dreary Sunday Turns a Hallway Good

Little stuff is usually not the stuff we like to do. We usually end up starting big new projects when the old big new projects turn into little stupid stuff. But not this Sunday. I was on a mission and had the list to prove it.

Mike, who desperately wants a weekend away with his new snoomoobile had no choice but to comply. (Besides, the weather was dreary, rainy, cloudy, cold, and windy with a hint of snow.)

So we.....

Installed the last two outlets & covers in the living room.

Emptied the bar, returned it to the living room, and filled it back up again.

Installed our very last smoke detector in the hallway.

Nailed on Mikey's window bottom trim pieces.

Trimmed and painted the front door.

Re-installed and painted the trim on Mikey's door.

Painted Mikey's door - just because the paint was already out.

Measured, cut, and first coated the hallway trim.

It's Doorway Glory!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was about all we had time for. Remaining stupid small stuff left on the list will be tackled this week and this upcoming Sunday, weather and snoomoobile trips permitting. And let me tell you, the hallway looks fab with just those few pieces of trim on. The front door alone is now so grandiose! Plus no more exposed drywall for cats to munch on.

Sill to do....

Purchase molly bolts and re-install living room curtain rods

Install second hallway outlet at the bottom of the stairs

Purchase and install cat hole door

Purchase and install the last remaining light fixture in the house - the stairway light.

Second coat and install hallway trim

Purchase and install ends for all the baseboard heaters

Babyproofing (Yeah, he started crawling last Friday. This should probably be bumped to the head of the list.)

And with those items completed, we will move on to Project Stairway and/or Mr. Mudroom. Talk about a shift in energies since December, huh? If poor weather keeps up like this and Mike continues to be stuck inside and away from his vehicles and other machinery... the interior will be looking awesome going into spring!

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Kate H. said...

Yay! for gaining ground on the Stupid Small Stuff!!