What'Snoomoo? Not Much, What'snoomoo With Yootoo?

It's official - SnooMoo weekend this weekend.

But that's ok - I have plans of my own. Most of them involve cleaning and errands... but that's ok too. Both are long overdue and it'll get us in a better position to move forward with the to-do's into next week.

I've def got to return the too-small cat door I bought and buy a bigger cat door at a different store. (Turns out the exact same cat flaps at Petco are nearly $10 cheaper than PetSmart. Petco - it's where the Jess go.)

I have to get a burn permit.

I have to pick up that last lighting fixture - a bubbly track light from Lowes to match my hallway lights. And baby gates - can't forget baby gates.

Hopefully Mike will remember to bring home more stain brushes so we can finish up the hallway trim and get that on by Tues at the latest.

Then I have to see if I can return all the pictures/mirrors/etc back to the living room and hallway walls.

That all, plus the cleaning, will most likely be all I can handle.

Next week - small stuff, watch out. You're going down.

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