Floors, Pipes, and Blizzards

Hola, blog-readers! Lots of excitement round here... so much so in fact that I haven't even had time to type out two sentences about it.

Two weeks ago now, we completed flooring and plumbing in the bathroom.  (Well...Save for one mysterious disappearing valve that we cannot for the life of us locate...) On that particular Sunday, we were at the home depot once again for supplies - the sink and shower fixtures, plumbing parts, etc. And I really wanted to get the flooring taken care of.

Even though we're not a fan of it, we went to check out the stick-on flooring. (This bathroom is only semi-permanent after all.) And wow! Cheap cheap cheap! $30 for a box of 12x12 stick on tiles that would cover nearly the entire bathroom floor. (Compare this to a good quality 12x12 tile at over $5 a tile!) We bought two boxes to have plenty - plus plenty of extra.

After a bit of cleaning, we got to sticking. And in less than two hours we went from subfloor to finished floor. Can't get that with tile either.

Flooring by the Shower

In Process of Flooring

This is how it will look when finished!
Of course, less then three weeks later and already a couple of the tiles are un-sticking themselves from the subfloor. But we don't even care. Slap some glue on the corner and stick something heavy on it... It doesn't have to last forever.

The next day, Mike was onto the plumbing...

Sink Plumbing - Note missing valve on the left hand side there.

Shower plumbing

Mike also completed as much drywall and insulation as he could considering that we still have a leak in the roof. As you can see, one side of the room and ceiling are all set... the rest, not so much.


The entire plumbing job was a royal pain and we had to lose an outlet in the kitchen to fit the shower pipes in there. (Kitchen is right on the other side of that 2x4 you see under the shower mixing valve.... there was an outlet right there.)

But the job was finally done - no leaks - all good. Then we got hit by Blizzard Nemo and were buried under 2-4' of snow. The blizzard hit us last Friday, we lost power Friday night, and didn't get it restored until late Monday night. Needless to say, there was nothing done last weekend... except for a heck of a lot of snow moving, skid steere rigging, snowmobile breaking, generator moving, couch sleeping, wood stove loading.... You get the idea.

And to make matters worse, all this snow is going to severely delay the leak-fixing that we had planned for upcoming weekends. A lot of the bathroom side of the house needs to be re-shingled in order to fix that leak. And we can't move forward with any more insulation/drywall until the leak is fixed. So as you can imagine, we're quickly going to run into a stopping point.

This weekend we may be able to get the shower enclosure up and another few bits of drywall....