Hey Outsiders


The photos you are about to see look ghetto. But when compared to the "before" photos, you'll agree that our current exterior condition is much improved.

The camper has arrived! Yes, it's huge... but that's a good thing. (We're actually only part-owners, having split the cost with some friends of ours last summer. And it's been at our friends' house for going on six months, so now it's our turn to house the beast for a bit.) Note the trash hut is now in front of the garage door. Mike was going to move it to its proper location - behind the house where no one can see the trashiness of it - but the skid steer wouldn't start last night. With no energy to spare on fixing the durn thing, Mike just heaved the hut there for now.

Garage Side Before

Note the massive junk pile on the left side, leaning up on the garage. Notice the boat in the background and of course, the old Dodge cab in the foreground, on the trailer.

Garage Side After

Note the lack of junk on the side of the garage - just a wheelbarrow and a spare tire near the back. Note the trailer - empty except for our new snoomoobile. And note lack of boat... but new boat trailer. (The new boat won't be coming until late spring/summer since obviously to change trailers, the boat will need to go into the water.)

Back Yard Before

Yeah. This one's obvious. Scaffolding... truck cab... boat... lawn tractor... leaves.

Back Yard After

Scaffolding has been down for a while now and the cab is on the truck. Note the raked lawn and again, lack of boat.

And here's the other side of the backyard - generally clean and tidy, save for the Dodge hood in the background and the unkempt appearance of the log pile, with a hint of skid steer in the back. (Yes skid steer, we see you hiding behind that tree.)

So, ghetto, but not as much as previously. We're making progress!

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