It Aint No Small Chiz, After All

I've got a little bit of the bumms going on.

So all that mad work that we rushed to finished... it was all an effort to push out an appraisal of $300,000+ and save a whole buncha money per mo. But I just found out, we didn't make it. We're still going to save $200 per mo.... but we could have saved $600 per mo. It was a win-win situation from the start, but boy would we have loved to grab the cash from door #2.

Of course I'm not going to publish all my financial details.... this is the internet after all, so no questions por favor.

Anyhoo, I'm trying to look on the bright side and be happy. This nice hot cup of coffee on a rainy Friday is helping a lot. Plus think of the progress.... all that little stuff and all that cleaning we accomplished in under two weeks. It's nothing short of amazing.

I'm still exhausted, actually.

Yeah, me. I just want to sit and do nothing and let me catch up with myself. Mike on the other hand, continues the momentum. This weekend he's going to bring home a de-thatcher for the lawn, burn some more brush, and who knows what else. Fine with me. It's going to be freezing out!

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