Living In It

FedEx redeemed themselves yesterday, delivering the new rug one full day in advance. And to the correct address to boot! I'm much relieved on that one. Now the challenge is to replace the old rug by the end of Friday.

I hope to accomplish this task tonight, although you know how that goes. It's a maybe at best.

The good news is, after the rug is in, we can bring back the last piece of furniture - the bar - and get all the misc glasses and beverages out of the kitchen at long last. Other odds and ends include the curtain rods and curtains, pictures and mirrors, and the last two outlets. Then, call it done!

And dare I say, move on?
Oooo, I said it.

But what's next? I say it's only natural to finish up the hallway/stairway next. Plus, portions of it will be relatively easy. We could probably cut, stain, and install the baseboard trim this weekend if we get rained out as they're predicting. The front door trim shouldn't be much of a problem either - and I'd really like that done since one of our cats continues to munch on (and get sick on) the exposed drywall. The door needs to get painted too, as it's only primed. No biggie.

The stairway, however, will prove to be much more challenging. First off, thanks to me, all the treads need to be removed, sanded and re-stained. Even water based paint by the way, once it has cured for about a month is on there for life.

Once that laborious task has been completed, the stairway needs to be trimmed, the balusters and railing need to be installed, and the balcony overhang drywall needs to be trimmed and painted.

As usual... one step at a time. I'll see if I can push the momentum forward with some weekend trimmings.

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