Mission organization continues... and in fact, I think I may be done with the basement! Or, at least with my stuff  in the basement. (I'm not reorganizing Mike's stuff. It's just a disaster in his areas and I refuse to be aggravated with cleaning that.)

Yesterday I took on the bins in the bathroom closet. Two were filled mostly with wrapping and present materials, so I started there, separating the bags from the tissue from the ribbons. And that led to the thought, "Hmm, I have more bags and tissue and ribbons in other bins under the basement stairs." So I pulled those out and separated everything: bags, tissue, ribbons, boxes, and wrapping paper. (And of course - trash, of which there was a ton.)

So once all the wrapping material was straight, I got to fixing up all the christmas boxes and other bins under the stairs. They were all messed up after I had torn out all the bulk t.p. and paper towels and diapers to put them in the new basement bathroom closet.

After I reorganized and replaced all the boxes and bins under the stairs, I found I had room for more stuff! So I went around the basement, gathered up anything that could be considered "mine" (anything not a tool, a building material, or parts) and incorporated it under the stairs.

Here is the result... And there's still room for more stuff if necessary.

And here's the closet so far - completely organized except for those few tools you see there on the third shelf. There's still more room here too - mostly in the small drawers underneath the shelves. As we demolish and re-do the upstairs bathroom, there will be more moving and re-moving of stuff too, so additional space is a good thing.

Take That, Locust

Last year during hurricane Irene, a huge branch fell off our front yard locust tree, knocking out our power for 6 days. Compounding the problem, Nstar was lax in their response to the problem, despite our poor two year old, who had the stomach flu through half of the outage. Nstar continued to mark the job as "completed" when in fact it wasn't. We were still in the dark when the rest of the town... and the rest of the street were on. Mike and I were livid. Mike told them over the phone, "I want you to come out here after this is all over and remove this tree. You owe us that."

Just over a year later, they did in fact make good on that promise.

When I saw the trucks arrive in front of our house, I was ecstatic. I grabbed my camera, pulled up a chair on the porch, and enjoyed the show - Sweet revenge on that ugly, ugly pain in the butt tree.

The "Before" as the trucks have just arrived.

Boom man cuts the low branches first

Moving up, cutting branches

Time to give this guy a hair cut

Cutting and dropping

Up to the tippy top

Carrying down the branches

Dopping branches

Tree's looking uglier than ever

There goes the top

Bringing it down to size

Halfway there

Now for the big logs

Last few logs

Time to drop it!

Finishing the incision


And it's down!

We elected to keep the wood - it will be lots of good firewood after it's seasoned, and after we get the wood stove installed of course.

And what a nice view in the front yard without that ugly thing.

And Up...

The chimney crew was back on the job Monday evening - completing another 10 feet.

One more evening and the chimney will be complete! Wow. Then, just connect up the wood stove, get everything inspected, and light a fire... just in time for fall.

Downstairs in the basement bathroom, we've made a little progress here and there. Monday, (before the chimney guys arrived) Mike hooked up all the outlets and the closet light. I continue to pick away at closet organizing whenever I get a free moment. We still need to stain all the doors, install the closet doors, and complete trim on all doors. After that - window trim. And then it's done. Wow again. Strong words. "Done." I don't hear myself saying that very often!