Somewhat Sunday

Ok, so despite early motivation, Sunday ended up being a pretty lazy day. Eh, that's what happens the morning after you throw a party... not that it was a big rager or anything. Torrential rains and all. But we're not exactly accustomed to staying up past, oh say 10:30pm.

But we did manage a few things here and there - and discovered a few things to add to the shopping list. Mike cut and installed the trim to the french doors - and that's when I discovered that my remaining white paint was now a solid white Frisbee at the bottom of the can. (Great band name, Solid White Frisbee.)

Then Mike cut the rest of the window trim - and that's when he discovered we were dam near out of stain. (Yes we bought a whole buncha brushes just last week... only now to run out of stain. Ironic.) And when we went upstairs to install that final light fixture, we had no electrical box to attach it to!

So no light, no staining, and no painting. But at least some stuff got cut. Mike shmeared another coat of pea coat onto the kitchen wall too, just because he could. Come to think of it, I'd better check on kitchen-colored paint tonight. Mike will be picking up everything we need tomorrow and if there's one thing I hate - it's a second trip for the same item.

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