Who Wants Trim for their Birthday?

It's my birthday. My last ever birthday - 29 and never a day older. I must admit that it hasn't been the best of bday's. Work, skin, lack of sleep... you know. Generalized chaos at it's best. If I could only sleep well I think I'd be better poised to deal with it all, but you can't always control yourself.

Besides all that personal, feeling "Off" stuff, homework has been chugga-luggin right along. I accomplished nearly all of my weekend goals - cleaned up, hung up the pictures, ordered baby gates, purchased the lighting fixture. Very productive.

And yesterday, Mike surprised me with more little things to cross off the list.

A second coat of stain on the hallway trim.
Mudroom window prep and measurement for trim
Cutting and staining (2 coats) of mudroom window trim (sides and sill)
Mudroom closet trim installation - which, unfortunately, I reminded him will have to come right back off for planing so the doors will fit... always something to be re-done.

I was highly impressed! And excited. Tonight he'll be nailing on the hallway and mudroom sides and sills. Then, we can figure out the measurements for the rest of the mudroom window trim, get that cut and stained.... take the trim off of the mudroom closet and plane it down to nothing.

That's already waaay too much for tonight. And then there's the matter of installing that last, historic lighting fixture....

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