For Our Next Trick...

I was exhausted all weekend! And Mike never ended up bringing home the de-thatcher, which is fine with me, since he decided to take down some trees instead. Which I suppose should be fine with me, since I despise those locusts.

But we're going to need to replace them with something that's not just "grass" like he wants. Hey let's cut down all our trees and just grow grass... except that's really difficult with no shade. And it's really ugly and you can see all our junk and all our neighbors and all our neighbors junk! Yeah.

So the minute we can plant trees I'm going to be picking out probably two more trees and plunking them in the ground. I'm not sure what type yet, although I'm leaning towards those deep burgundy leaf'd trees.... I've always enjoyed those. Or something that grows big and fluffy with a nice shade canopy. Dunno yet, have to research.

With the end of March upon us, I also pulled the porch trigger. "Mike," I said, "It's time we get TJ back here to finish this thing." We have a footing to fix and then alllll the trim work. Railings, ceiling, stain, paint - the whole bit. I would venture a guess that the hard part is over... though the expensive part is just beginning. Although who knows.

Plus with most of our credit debt gone, big dollar signs in the savings account, and now the $200 per mo savings... I'm ready to pour some juice on the porch. Schedules may be an issue since TJ is also a new father.... and an expectant father... all the more reason to accomplish all this in spring... but there's also a chance he may not be able to at all. I would understand that, but at the same time, I want this done and might seek other options.

I'm getting ahead of myself as per usual. One thing at a time.

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