Fiesta Fiesta

It's countdown time for the biggest bash of the year, the annual Halloween party. You may be saying to yourself, "Uh, did you notice that Halloween is over, by any chance?!" Well I did. This party is always on the Saturday after Halloween - this way, we take advantage of HUGE markdowns on Halloween stuff. Evil scheme, isn't it?

Well, in preparation for this momentous occassion - also the first huge party we've had at the house - we've had to hurry like heck to get a whole bunch of stuff done.

For the past two weekends, I've been painting the master bedroom the beautifully dark burgandy red color I picked out about two months ago. I was nervous about it, I must admit. It's a bold choice even for a dark-color-lover like me. But I love the result. The room makes me really happy. To accent the red, we've got splashes of gold in the room - the bedspread, the curtains, and, just this weekend, I re-upholstered my cedar chest in a gold microfiber fabric to match.

Meanwhile, Mike had Chad our carpenter over last weekend to stabilize the living room floor. In its before state, you would jump on the floor and everything in the room would jump with you. So they went down to the dusty musty crawl space of hell and jacked it up, stabilizing the whole area with wood supports - basically just a lot of shimming the floor up. (I think that's the right word.) Now you can jump all you want and the pictures stay on the wall! Perfect for a night of dancing!

Plus, BONUS! My couch de resistance was delivered today! I'm so excited - I haven't seen it yet, as I'm on lunch break at work right now. I was thinking of zipping home, but decided against it because I know I'm going to want to cuddle with the couch for about 5 hours. Anyway, this means that the couch and love seat that were in the living room can go upstairs to the office where we had originally planned to put them. Extra seating and space for party guests!

Tonight I'm doing some of the post-halloween sale shopping I talked about earlier. My friend Amanda is taking care of the food, Mike is taking care of the keg, and once we have everything assembled, Amanda will come over on Friday and we'll start the mad task of decorating and cooking up some delicious holiday specialties!

It's true, I wish I could have prepared the house more. I wish I could have all the bi-fold closet doors up and more recessed light trim. I wish Mike would install the pendant lights in my office and put in a breaker for the office outlets. I wish the outside was more organized and that our fire pit looked more presentable. Maybe next year, right? We had to focus on the important stuff.