Like There's No Tomorrow

When we last left our heroes, Jess had a HD coupon and Mike was picking away at the siding. On today's episode - not much has changed.

Yes, I used that HD coupon, but not for what I had originally planned. The dam thing nearly expired before I got a chance to use it! I realized at the last moment on the day of expiration, grabbed the coupon without measuring the doors or talking to Mike and figured - I'll figure it out when I get there.

So I ended up purchasing an octagonal window, which we had wanted for the hallway/stairway anyway. A good use of coupon if I do say so myself, especially at the last minute.

That weekend (not this past weekend, but the one previous) Mike owed me some baby time - which I traded in for house time. ie - He was supposed to babysit while I had a day off, but I instead I asked him to work on the house for me. The project of the moment - finishing the stripping on the front of the house.

You may remember that most of our old siding on the front of the house was stripped during construction of the farmer's porch last spring... except for the very top of the gambrel, above the farmer's porch roof.

Since we desperately needed to go to the dump to get rid of our old front door and some other cleanings out from Mike's parents' house - it seemed like the perfect opportunity to strip off the remainder of the siding and just add it to the pile. Mike started in on it first thing in the AM. And as soon as he began working, our neighbor Rich stopped by, eager to help.

They worked through the morning and by 2:30 were finished. Even though the dump doesn't close until 3, they decided that Sunday traffic would make it dam near impossible to make it anyway - so Rich offered up his truck to haul the plywood from the deepHo.

As you recall, under our old siding was.... well, older shingles. And under our older shingles, even older barnboard. Basically very rough, thick pieces of wood - barely processed and with large gaps and knots and all sorts of obstacles that make it difficult to attach new siding to. So when we stripped the rest of the front of the house, we decided it would be easiest to put up plywood before siding. (Makes things much more weather tight too!)

The remainder of the afternoon was spent putting up the plywood and tyvek. Our neighbor Dana came over to help with the measure and cut of the plywood - which was great because plywood cuts get tricky when you add in two windows, the gambrel shape, and the ridge vent.

Speaking of ridge vent - Mike also purchased a new one whilst at the HD. Our old one wasn't painted before it had been installed, so we figured while we're up there, lets start fresh and paint a new one so it doesn't rot right out. (I finally got around to painting it yesterday during the baby's morning nap.)

And that's where we stand. The gambrel is stripped and ready for siding! This past weekend nothing got done because... well.... I kinda sorta bought a new truck on Ebay. A new old truck that is. New to me I should say. And Mike and his friend TJ went down to VA to pick it up for me. I'm excited to get it, but the whole thing was such an impulse buy... I keep thinking to myself, "I could have and should have used that money on the house." I think about a new fridge and more siding and most of all, the bathroom.

It's the my-dad in me that makes me want to purchase things I need rather than things I want. It's the my-mom in me that makes me an impulsive buyer. So I'm pretty much always in conflict when it comes to spending, especially big purchases.

Anyway, that's the current state of affairs. We keep offering up a utility quad to any of our carpenter friends who want to come and finish the siding and put in that octagonal window... no takers yet, unbelievably.

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More Siding!

Well, the great news is the baby's growing like crazy and time is flying! The bad news is, the time is flying and the siding is going up at a snail's pace. You can't have it all though, and I'm just happy Mike is able to babysit and give me a break on his days off. And then if he has a moment, he's able to make progress on the house.

So we make a little progress every week. Last week, he completed the side around the corner from the front.
And he even put up my sign that I've wanted to use since I bought it in DC over 5 years ago... Lucky for me, the arrow is going in the right direction!

As you can see, we still need to trim out the front door - outside and in. That will be another week or more perhaps.

This past weekend, Mike made progress on the french door wall. He reinstalled our dryer vent cover too. Now he just has to complete that wall, make a block for the light and wooh-laa! The siding beneath the farmer's porch roof will be complete!

Completion above the farmer's porch roof will present new challenges. That part of the house still has old siding on it. So that will have to be ripped down and plywood will have to be installed before the siding. Mike is considering a trade off with one of our friends - finish the top siding and he'll give him a utility quad worth over $1,000. (Personally, I'm not sure if it's worth the amount of work - but it's Mike's quad and his time on the line... his decision.)

Meanwhile, I just received another one of the deepHo's famous 10% off coupons in the mail. And of course, we always need something. This time around I'm thinking of buying the closet doors for my mudroom laundry closet. That closet has been door-less forever and ever. And with those french doors looking so awesome, I'd love to dress up that room, which is our main entry..

Just another thing to look forward to in the coming weeks.

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