Small Things in Pictures

The mission is progressing perfectly... oh I forgot the code. The moth is flying neatly into the taco.

The last ever light fixture is installed...
And fully functional...
The kitchen wall is painted...
The mudroom closet doors are installed
The mudroom window trim is done
The french door trim is painted

And the house is clean, dishes are done, laundry is done... and we're well on our way to Monday glory.

Tomorrow is all about the outside. We'll be up early to get our burn permit at 8:30am - and post that, burning of brush will commence. Mike is going to prepare Dodge #3 (remember that truck?) for departure. (Yes, it's still out there on the trailer, ready to go minus the wiring harness.) And everything else out there... well, we've got to figure out something to do with it.

Stay tuned!

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