May Day! May Day!

PSHT: Captain - we're taking on water!
PSHT: Nothing we can do.
PSHT: What do you mean?! It's just coming out of that stupid dryer vent hose thing?!
PSHT: It's the rain - it's blowing sideways into the thing.
PSHT: But Captain what if we-
PSHT: Nothing we can do... unless we have a cover or something to deflect the rain.
PSHT: That's it, Captain. That's the last straw... I'm calling the coast guard! They'll know what to do...

Alright, so I over dramatized that whole conversation, but you get the idea. So I guess there's nothing we can do about the second leak at the moment. That's more bad news if you're keeping a list.

Luckily the door fix seemed to be working - no huge puddles... just the damp spot from the early morning pre-door-fix leakage. It felt really good to finally have that taken care of. (Cross that one off the bad news list.)

And if you're as sick of bad news as I am, let me giving something delicious to chew on: Mike called the inspector this morning and we are all set to move on to the next step. Next step - filling our holes with concrete! With another busy weekend coming up, I think we're going to start on this tonight.

Maybe if we're lucky time wise, we can even start building this weekend...