The Man Plan

No permit in the mail when I arrived home yesterday. I didn't really expect it. The building inspector isn't going to stuff the envelope himself and rush it over to my house on his way home or anything. If I get it by Friday or Saturday - I'll consider myself very lucky. Not to mention there's the whole conservation thing to be concerned about - but at this point, we're thinking the project may be small enough to slip through without muss or fuss. Cross your fingers.

Meanwhile, our neighbor Dana came by last night and he and Mike worked for a little while on the mudroom drywall. Then they made big plans for Saturday.

So - Dana and Mike will meet in the morning and pea coat and finish up the room. Then, while all that's drying, Mike will help Dana pickup some.... stuff (I forget what stuff - some heavy garden or home stuff) with his truck and bring it back to Dana's house. Once they finish unloading that, they'll come back to the mudroom and prime the drywall and paint the ceiling.

By Sunday - it'll be ready for me to paint! So I'll be getting my butt up early with my blue paint and my lighter blue paint and my glaze and my sponge roller to re-sponge the room.

OH - speaking of which, Dana said to Mike, "I don't know what we're going to do about this wallpaper."

Mike replied, "Wallpaper?! That's paint! Jess sponge painted this room!"

My painting was so good, he thought it was wallpaper! Too cool, huh? Hopefully I'll be able to replicate my results the second time.... the first time around I had my friend and artist, Kie to help me out... This time I'll be all by my lonesome.

If I can finish all my painting on Sunday - you know what that means.


And maybe if I play my cards right, I can get Mike to help me with it next week. Shhhhh - it's my evil plan! Well, not that evil. He's been more motivated than me lately!

We just have to put down tile at the french door entry area and in the laundry closet, then hardwood over the rest of the room. I'll have to get some tile and rent the hardwood stapler again - but hopefully I'll have the money for it next Tuesday. And if all that goes well, we could be trimming by by the week of the 21st!

Of course the permit will hopefully be definitely in by then. Hopefully Definitely.