It's Nearly Summer - Do you Know Where Your Progress Is?

Ah spring. Yesterday was May 1st and that means it's high time for some major warm weather progress action! YEAH! Get pumped. Download some techno. Strap your ipod to your arm and start groovin like there's no one around to see ya!

That's what I did yesterday. Well - I downloaded some techno and pumped it up in the car and drove like there was no one around to see me anyway. Then I went to the GROCERY STORE! Yeah, hardcore... right there.

Too bad cash flow has trickled down to zilch due to massive spring bills and rising fuel costs. Still, we attempt to press on and I attempt to motivate myself and keep that 'ol depression at bay.

Tonight Mike's picking up a cement mixer, which we're renting for the weekend for just $50. (That's usually the price of just one day's rental, but Mike's got some connections....) Tomorrow morning he'll be working for a friend of his for some extra cash and we'll start cementing in the afternoon.

After that, I suppose it's time to start ripping siding off the house. That means I'll have to purchase plywood. I'd rather not keep racking up my homedepot card bill - but I need to save cash to pay for labor.

God, it seems just like yesterday I had nearly $10,000 in my savings. A freakin record. Now I owe myself at least $1300 and I'll probably end up transferring more money out of savings so I can buy Lean Cuisines for lunch next week.

Ok - this is the kind of talk that made me download new music. I just can't get down and stressed about this crap. What have I been saving for if not for this porch?! Gotta just start groovin here at my computer - get me back and pumped up.

Somebody give me a Corona - stat!

Once the siding has been ripped back a little, we can start building the actual porch of it. At which point, we need to call in The Professional. I'll have him call Morse Lumber using our acct. # for whatever materials we need - they're great and they deliver.