Coincidence? More Like Fate

Remember this lovely pic?

As you recall, I found it while scouring the internet one day. This is a house in Bourne, by the library, the photographer told me. And I saved it because it looks just like my house.... or, what my house hopefully will look like.

Well, Mike was due at the Historical Commission this morning... (remember I told you I omit certain details in this blog for personal safety - haha, that was one of them)

Anyway, just for the heck of it, I printed out the pic and gave it with him to take. Low and behold, turns out this very house BELONGS to one of the commission members!! So when they asked about what color we were doing the house and all that, Mike showed them the picture and boy were they happy about that!

Mike was out of there and calling me just 10minutes after 10am, which is when the meeting began. No problems - no Andersons - no big deal. Phew!

So, what next? That's the big question now. Mike said that the commission gave him a signed sheet of paper, but he hasn't looked at it closely yet. He was back on his way to work when I talked to him. I'm wondering if conservation is next... the battle rages on! We shall see what happens.