Soda Pressing

Today started last night with some bad news. And it got no better when I woke up this morning. The Jeldwen door guy called and was running late. About an hour and 15 minutes late. Great.

It was raining again and sure enough, water was pouring through the french doors. If that wasn't bad enough, it was also dripping from the dryer vent hose and the floor underneath the washer dryer was soaked. Wonderful.

Things improved a bit when the Jeldwen guy arrived just before nine. (As opposed to 9:15 as he predicted.) He was actually able to install the new glass in about 20 minutes too - so I wasn't going to be that late to work after all. One leaky mudroom problem fixed.

As for the vent hose, I just put a bowl under it and left it. Nothing more I could do.

And to think, I was actually exited for this rain to make my grass seed sprout. Now I'm just wondering what's going to start leaking next.