Putting Your Footing in Your Mouth

That would be a task actually. You try fitting a 10" by 4' sonotube fulla concrete into your mouth. Ha ha. I'm feeling silly cause it's FRIDAY peepholes! I'm so excited. Can't you tell?

Last night was highly productive. TJ came over and the boys marked the footing holes. Mike and I will dig them probably tomorrow, since we have a bday party to attend tonight. And then what? Well, then we have to wait until the building inspector can do his thang and approve them, so I'm not sure what else is going to get done this weekend.

Mike assures me that there's other stuff we can do - like start re-siding the front of the house. That's going to involve taking down the old and gross siding and the old and gross shingles underneath the old and gross siding and putting up plywood. Joy.

Not that it doesn't need to get done, I just really want to start on the actual porch. I can't help it! It's beautiful out and I'm dying to stand/sit/lay on the porch.

We can't work any more on the mudroom, because I have no money for it right now. All available funds to porch! I realize that all I need to buy for the mudroom is a little bit of tile, since we already have the hardwood, but I'm putting my foot down. No spending!

See how gross the old siding is? And how stupid is that thing over the door?!

Here you can see the clearly marked footings - accurate at last.

And here's the side with the door. From this pic you can tell just how big the porch will be outside those mudroom french doors. We could never have a deck on back - so this will be absolutely awesome k possum.