We received in the mail on Monday a Home Depot coupon. 10% off when you put something on your Home Depot card. Yay - since we're always needing stuff - it's great to be able to save something, ya know?

So last night - due to my exhaustion from a long walk with my mummy bread and the fact that our neighbor Rich was over doing drywall with Mike - I just could not bring myself to sponge. But we had the coupon.... and Mike really wanted to get the sonotubes and concrete for our porch footings. Great! Perfect timing.

Before heading out we called our carpenter, who knew how many 80lb bags of concrete were needed to fill at 4' by 10" sonotube - turns out it's 3-4 bags, times the 6 sonotubes we need - equals 18-24 bags. We decided to get 20 bags.

With this info in hand, we grab the coupon and jet over to the DeepHo. As we're pulling into a parking space, I get a weird feeling, and pull out the coupon.

"Coupon good 4/17/08-4/20/08"

It's the 15th. THE 15th.

I nearly died as I read the dates to Mike. He just gave me that look of "Why didn't you look at that before we left the house." and "I don't care what that coupon says, we're getting this stuff NOW."

The real kicker is that we have plans from Thursday - Monday and there's no time between the 17th and the 20th to hit the DeepHo.

We went back and forth for a couple minutes on what to do - and finally decided to purchase just the sonotubes today and Mike would go on Friday right after work and use the coupon to get all the concrete.

What a pain! Coupfusion to the n'th degree. But I hate not using a coupon because we need to buy stuff anyway!!!


Rebe said...

With all those bags (and knowing deepho never carries big bags) of concrete, would it be cheaper to get one of those swirly trucks to bring in a batch? I'm sure there are other little projects you could find for any excess concrete.

kitrainia said...

We thought about that - but ruled it out... I can't remember why. I remember that Mike had talked to our carpenter about it. Hmmm, I'll have to ask him.

Anonymous said...

Typically concrete companies, i.e. the "swirly truck" won't deliver unless you order at least 1 yard of concrete. This is much more (volume and money) than 20 x 60 lbs bags of concrete. There may be a company that mixes concrete on site (Dial-A-Mix?) and thus can provide much smaller quantities of concrete, but this is typically quite a bit more expensive than bags.