Good Snews and Bad Snews

The good snews is - THE PERMIT IS IN!

wait for it

wait for it



I just had a feeling when I got home on Friday that it would be in the mailbox. Especially when Mike said he hadn't checked the mail. And when I looked in there and saw my self addressed envelope - I was just psyched. What a great start to the weekend!

So I guess in fact this project is small enough to slip under the conservation radar. Phew! I take back 90% of the smut I wrote about them. The town hath been redeemed. Behind the permit was a document from the Historical people that stated "Yes, a meeting was held." and "The addition of the porch will not be detrimental to the historic preservation of Bourne."


What's the bad snews? I can't find my camera battery charger - hens no new pics until I find it or buy a new one. Lucky for all you guys I did manage to take some pics on Saturday and uploaded them using my printer. See next post!!


Kristy said...

Great news on getting the permit. It's funny how someone can think a porch can make all the difference in a town.