the waiting....

Still waiting... waiting for final approval from the loan peep-holes, waiting for the house mover to send us his contract, waiting to spend any money on anything else. Though there's still so much to do!

Here's a picture of Mike, hard at work on the stairway, taken nearly 6 months ago. I remember this night in particular because this is the night I finally managed to vacuum up the last remainders of the horsehair plaster that plagued us for the longest time after we tore it all off the walls. It lingered forever in piles that would not die. This night, all that remained was to vacuum in the crevacis between the wall and the floor.

It became difficult to work in late fall of 2004. The late evening sun of summer helped us through most of those after-work destruction sessions, but in fall, as the sun sank earlier and earlier, and the house, with little electricity and no lights, became overwhelmed with shadows and dark corners. We had one lamp left from the previous owners, which we plugged into the one outlet by the stairs there. For the upstairs, we had a drop light, which we could plug into the same one outlet and pass upstairs through the wall... or lack of wall as it were.

At this time I still had hope that the house would be completed enough to have my annual monster of a Halloween party.... turns out I was mistaken. I was barely in time for a Christmas party, but was so down about things at that point that I didn't have one. I didn't even have a tree. My first holiday season with Mike in our own house and no tree. No decor save for a couple candle lights in the downstairs windows and a wreath on the front door that nobody could see. It was a sad time, we were still riling from the dry wall fiasco and not getting along very well to boot. Hard to believe we're over half way through this year already. Maybe I should start planning for x-mas now...