Demolition Party - How to Get It Done

Looking for a way to destroy stuff without getting your own hands dirty? Call onesixty demolition crew! At least that's what I did...

Problem - You've got this crazay house built in 1910, redone in 1953. You've got horsehair plaster walls without any insulation underneath and they all have to come down so you can put drywall up. How do you do it quickly and easily?


I created this invitation in photoshop based on a real demolition permit I saw online. Then, I gave it out to all my psychotic friends. Deal was - we'll provide beer and BBQ, you provide the muscle. On the day of the party, everybody came over, put on their dust masks, and went to work with their destruction tool of choice. By the end of the day, the house was gutted.

Of course, we never imagined the giant mess it would make. After filling two giant dumpsters, we still had plaster, dust, and wooden slats everywhere... and it all lingered throughout the house for over six months.


Trissa said...

We had a demo party a couple of months ago. It's amazing how fast it comes apart and you spend at least two times as long cleaning up. Dumpsters are great- I can't imagine how many trips to the dump would be needed! I love the demo permit invite- great idea!