Alrighty Mr. House Mover. My closing is set for next Thursday at 10am at mi casa. Money will be in our joint accout as of 5 days later. You said you wanted to do this job this summer... news flash! THIS is this summer. In fact, this is the last month of this summer, unless your summer extends until October. Or does it? Do I know my seasons? Should I go back to kindergarden and look at the seasons chart? When's the salsa? You know, the summer and winter salsa?

Maybe I'm excessive in calling September fall, but I just think of back to school, dropping temperatures, and early sunsets when I think of September. I am so eager to get this job done. It takes 5 weeks. During those 5 weeks I have to live with Mike's parents. It's not a bad thing... but his damn brother just pisses me off - and the dogs too. They stress out poor Kamikazee and he gets depressed and meows a lot.


Gary said...

Summer solstice is June 21 and winter solstice is December 21. The longest and shortest days.

kitrainia said...

Wow, you thought I was serious?! Well... I guess I thought my friend JP was serious too when he called it the salsa. No offense taken - I had a big laugh at JP when he said it the first time. Could you imagine the pagan salsa celebration? (with tortilla chips)

If I had my choice, I'd make it the guacamole. Or maybe the summer salsa con queso. Delish!

Gary said...

I wasn't certain. I figured that if I politely mentioned the dates then you could edit with the correction. By the way, it is kindergarten.
Maybe you could build tortilla chip circles in your yard or make sundials with them. Watch out for the druids though.