Mmmm.... kitty cat!

Meet Kamikazee - the cat who rules the roost. Several people have read my mention of him in my personal profile, but wondered, who is this mysterious cat? Well here he is. When you have a pet and you're doing renovations, you have to be especially careful of things like dust, chemicals, other hazardous conditions. We brought Kamikazee to the house on the same night that Mike and I moved in. Never feels like a home without your pet.


Anonymous said...

How long do let him stay in the crisper?

kitrainia said...

Well, you know you should never leave an uncooked cat in the fridge for more than a week - otherwise meowmonella and other germs can form.

But make sure when you get your cat home, if he's not quite ripe yet, place him in a paper bag before putting him in the crisper. It only takes a day, then you can let the cat out of the bag and he'll be much more moist and sweet.

Or, you can season him up right in the bag. I like to use a little fresh catnip with a sprig of thyme - let those flavors sink in for about
a day.

You won't be sorry - your cat will be moist, tender, and deliciously sweet forever after.