Mi Officina!

I was released from all work-related duties last night, so what did I do? Set myself to some housely tasks, of course! The above picture shows my upstairs office/den. It's an older, pre-primer picture, but you get the basic idea of what it looks like, the architecture.

Hard to believe it used to be the "yellow happy room," which wasn't in fact very happy because it was old, gross, badly lit, walls full of wasps nests, lead paint windows, tiny closet, stupid hallway, and 7ft celing. And did I mention the ONE ELECTRICAL OUTLET? Oh please! Now this has the most, a 6-some outlet on the back wall, and 5 onesies spaced around the rest of the room. Edit SWEET! (Post producer's humor.) Plus we got rid of the original closet, hallway, and the wall over the stairs, making a balcony instead of a slim jim stairwell that makes large people claustrophobic and they fall down the stairs and break the front door off and land in the yard and cars crash when they see it happen, which causes a huge traffic jam on the road and it backs up to the Cape Cod canal bridges and there's so many cars that the bridges collapse, releasing Cape Cod from the rest of Massachusetts and sending it across the ocean where it finally settles down as the new island continent of OldPeoplia!

Where was I? Oh yeah. We also got rid of the low ceiling and pointless attic to create a marvelous cathedral ceiling complete with recessed and dropped lighting fixtures and a ceiling fan. We built a new closet and also an lofty attic space you can access through that square hole in the wall. Verah nass!

The color I chose for this room is an icey pink, combined with one wall of this gorgeous red/majenta wine color and some color blocking with the red/majenta wine color. All that pink will be balanced with a lot of black and white, so don't freak out that it look's like Barbie's office, because it's actually muy chic and moderna.

The red/majenta wine color, as you can imagine is pretty dark. So, rather than apply 15,000 coats of paint, I first poured a little of the dark color into the white primer - making a really Barbie Peepy pink color that was god aweful and I painted the wall and the color blocks with it. Then, I only had to apply 3 coats of pure red/majenta wine to get it to the great bold color I wanted. (Learned that on HGTV - thanks, I watch you religiously... actually I'm more like a cult follower...)

The only thing that sux about the above described technique is that I'm painting that color on part of the cathedral ceiling. (Because if you paint the slanty part, it drives the eye up, making the ceiling look higher and the room look bigger, even with a dark color- GET COLOR - watch it on HGTV... shouldn't they pay me for that? Gosh durn it, just give me my own show would you?) Anyway - today is TANGENT DAY, isn't it? And I've had a couple wild ones in this blog alone... ANYWAY, back to the topic at hand. Yesterday - the sun was hot enough here on good 'ol Cape Cod to weld your frame back together - the one you busted 4wheeling in places you shouldn't have been. So there I was at the tippy top of the ladder, painting and sweating and drinking an Appletini - an evil combination which darn near sent me over the top of the ladder.

But I've got the one wall primed and single coated on the upperside, dual coated on the lower bottom... yeah, the lower bottom. VS what? The mid and upper bottom? Time for another Appletini, it would seem. Too bad I'm at work.


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