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All praise ELoan! Would you believe they don't even require an appraisal to give us the money we need for this foundation job? They looked up our home's value - can you believe it's already rated up to 280 from 235 just from market fluctuations? Told you my area was very up and coming! Imagine what it would be if we actually had an appraiser come in and look at all the amazing work we've done! (Which I'll have to do to get this darn PMI off my mortgage payment, which I'll have to do soon after the basement is in because that will make paying for my basement super easy!)

So - I have to get a few documents together and send them off to Eloan and within only 12 days, I'll have the dinero! So screw the list I made the other day. Now, all we have to do is get ready for the lifting -

I'm not sure if we have to pull the permit or not. I left a message for Bob Hayden this morning - hope he's not sick of me yet - told him we'd have the money, I just need an amount from him to make sure I'm taking out enough and asked if we needed to be doing anything else. If he pulls the permit, that would be awesome kay possum dudicator, but if not, we'll do it and then get to work on tearing up the concrete...

Did I mention the concrete? Well! Most of our house is just over dirt and rocks, so it can be lifted up easily. The mudroom, however, was once a porch and so sits on a concrete slab. When you lift a house, you can't lift a concrete slab, so what we have to do is go in there with a big 'ol jackhammer and break it up. Sounds messy - I'm not looking forward to cleaning up after it, but it needs to be done.

oooooooooooo! I'm so excited! I can't wait for the process to start!


Amanda said...

Read your loan papers carefully and make sure there are no unfavorable clauses, like early payoff penalties. Some friends used another big company like this and some shady things happened. Just make sure you know what the agreement is.

But it is extremely convenient that they use market models rather than appraisers. A lot of companies are doing this now. Saves time and money for us.


kitrainia said...

A good point indeed. I'm not a financial person... not a math quiz biz cheez wiz if you know what I mean. I'm an arteest! So, as you can imagine, this loan stuff makes me super nervous.

When Mike and I were in the mist of the mortgage process I called our loan agent with a list of 22 itemized questions. I'm sure I drove him nuts. I need to make sure everything is explained to me because I know I don't understand everything.

So thanks for the comment - it reminded me to do some double checking. So I put a call in to my personal loan advisor and will discuss it with her.