Ahhh memories

I started logging house film footage into my computer last night. It's amazing to remember what it looked like a mere year ago! Especially since the "before" footage is only about 5 minutes long. Right after we bought the house, Mike and I had at it like hungry animals. Did I mention it's our first house? We started tearing apart walls and within a week the upstairs was bare - within two weeks, so was the downstairs.

This picture came during the electrifing phase of wiring. At the time, I was working my butt off, but refused to be left out of the electrical system design. So I wrote what I wanted on little slips of paper and nailed them where I wanted the switches/outlets/dimmers/lights/etc. Writing on the studs proved to be illegiable in most locations. Unlike new construction, the old studs are a dark brown/black color that doesn't show a sharpie very well.