Sad 'n Toasty

I had a dream the other night that Bob Hayden (building mover) called me and told me it would only be $25,000 to lift my house and pour my basement. I woke up depressed with the realization that he still hadn't returned my call, so I left him another message yesterday. Still no reply as of yet. Boo hoo.

Meanwhile, I tried to update my film with a current soundbite. (ie, I talk to the camera and tell it what's been happening with the house - then I shoot everything I talked about so I can edit it all together later.) My intention was to talk about the exicting phase of painting and decorating... but as I tried, I found I couldn't muster the joy. I just looked around me at the lack of productivity, remembered the quick thrills of demolition and construction, and felt miserable.

Where was the trim, the crown moulding, the chair rail, the wood floors? Why hadn't I cleaned the place up? Where were the outlets, faceplates, ceiling fan, and recessed light trim? Why wasn't the dimmer working properly? Where was some proper furniture? Why was one half of one wall missing paint?

Demolition and initial construction phases went by so quickly - I mean, we were so psyched to hurry up, move in, and get on with our lives... and get out of Mike's parents' house. But now that we've been living in our house - nothing seems to get done. And I know I've painted a little and Mike's been digging in the backyard - but what about all this annoying finish work on the inside? It's taking way too long.

And what's more - I can't get Mike to do my bidding! Now that may be the biznich in me talking, but somebody's got to do the stuff I can't do! I admit it ladies, I can't do everything.

When a spider needs killing, call Mike.
When your truck needs an oil change... or an engine change... or a paint change, Call Mike!
When you're totally in the bag and your hair needs holding, call Mike.

But with this finish work on the house... It's just so frustrating


kitrainia said...

If I get any more stupid wood working blog ads on this post, I'm going to remove it permanently. You know, wood-worker-dudes, why don't I go to your stupid blog and use some techie blog word search/mass spamvertisment to leave hundreds and thousands of stupid comments on YOUR blogs. How'd you like that?!

kitrainia said...

I have just deleted all the stupid wood working comments. They were neither nice nor informative - and certainly not appreciated.