Wiring is complete! Mike finished it up last Friday night. Saturday, I even cleared the porch of all I could so that construction can commence whenever possible. I still can't believe it'll be happening soon.... imagine... a ceiling as early as this week. It just doesn't seem possible.

As you can tell, I'm in pretty good spirits. After last week's downturn, our luck returned over the weekend. Mike finished the wiring, I discovered my Sat night plans were not ruined because of stupidity, we salvaged that important document we lost, bids started flying on both my ebay auctions... then some no-feedback ding dong cancelled his winning bid on 4Runner #1 in the last 20mins of the auction. What an incredible idiot!

And it's not just like, "Oh, that's fine - I'll just list it again." No - selling vehicles on ebay is actually tricky business. I can't just plop it back up again - the same 4Runner shoppers from last week will likey still be there... and now that they saw my 4Runner make it up to the reserve amount.... they know what that amount is. And they won't bid.

I had a similar problem when selling a motorcycle some years ago on Ebay. Some crafty fellow slapped on a high bid, just to see what the reserve was, then retracted the bid. After that, the auction creeped up by pennies, because everyone knew what that reserve was and they were all clammering for a deal. Those swine. It's like they're all in cahoots.

Anyway. I read him the riot act. THEN he had the nut to tell me that since I'm an experienced Ebayer, I should be used to people doing this sort of thing and know how to handle it. That response did not dignify a response-response from me. (And by the by, this particular situation of having to file a claim with Ebay to cancel the transaction and that sort of thing - has never happened to me in all my many years of Ebaying.)

At least the soft top sold with no muss 'n fuss. Phew! Plus, I have a whole bunch of response to my craigslist ad for 4Runner #1... including a gentleman who is so near-to-sure he's going to purchase, he'll come to my house on Monday with a flatbed to pick it up if no one else has purchased yet. Hey, maybe that Ebay ding dong was just meant to be.

So, returning you once again to home-matters - I'm even more super psyched because the guys are supposed to come over tonight to begin work on the porch ceiling. Today's time is ticking by super slowly just to twazz me out. I cannot cannot wait.

Mike warned me in advance that we'd probably be getting another laundry list of materials from Timmy as progress progresses. No problemo man.

It's going to be finished before the end of this month. I can feel it.

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