Clash of the Carpenters

It's Sunday night. And I'm looking at 1/3 of my porch ceiling. Yes, things were delayed last week... and having jinxed myself repeatedly, I decided not to type a word when the schedule changed to Saturday.... then Sunday.

And being Sunday, Mike was already booked fixing TJ's truck. So there we were... dual carpenters, one porch, a truck with no brakes, neighbors in and out, and so much madness. I was concerned it would be out of control, with everyone tripping all over each other. But it turned out. It really turned out. As you can see from the soon to be beautiful results.

But before you can say that doesn't look like a lot for a days work, the strapping for the rest of ceiling is done too - so we're ready to pretty much slap up the rest of the bead board at some point next week.

The next step, besides the obvious getting up of the bead board, is the removal of all the gutters across the front and side of the porch. That way, it'll be able to be trimmed on the outside. A very very good thing. After that? Stairs.

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