Round the Front

This Sunday we celebrated a momentous occasion. The completion of the top exterior farmer's porch trim! YAY!

It looks amazing! Like suddenly it's a real live actual porch.... And that's not all! For super coolness, check out how Timmy did the left hand side.

Yes, that's right folks. He added some siding in the triangle to make it fit in with the rest of the house. (Or the rest of the house when eventually it's all sided with that siding.) So awesome looking and so much better then just white trim in there.

But the guys didn't work too much on Sunday, having family parties and other affairs in the late afternoon. I was just psyched to see that exterior trim. The interior trim is next, followed by pole wrapping. And lucky for us, we still have some materials left. Hot dog!

Then, on Sunday evening, Mike mowed the lawn and weed whacked everywhere. What a difference that made! It's like a whole new landscape! That, plus yours truly took a moment to clean up some of the debris in the backyard on Saturday. Thank you, thank you. Hold your applause por favor.

Oh - and then the guys started tempting me... talking about extending new siding out through the mudroom and kitchen side... which would mean a big new bay window in the kitchen and removal of two of the remaining three oldy cruddy gross 1950s windows in the house.

Ohhhh.... seriously. Don't tease me like that. I'm going to start getting all excited!

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