It's been a rough couple of days. After that whole affair with the crazy wiring problems, we've had nothing but bad luck. Loss of important documents.... loss of mind which may result in the cancellation of a big event for this weekend.... no big money on either of the Ebay auctions as of yet....

I feel so frazzled. And don't ask me what we were doing on Wed and Thurs nights because I really have no idea. I made some squah at some point. Yes, squah. Squee-Squah. "I'm a squeaky guy." Wow. That just came from way out in left field. (Strong Bad email reference.)

The wiring will be completed tonight - I think. Not sure if the guys will be able to start on ceiling construction this weekend. Timmy's usually more available on weekday evenings. But hopefully then I'll be able to pull my head together.

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