Blue Paint and White Trim

Last weekend, recall that Mike brought home blue tinted primer for the newly completed porch ceiling. What you may not recall, because I didn't get around to publishing the post, was that we received a brandy-new materials list from Timmy last Wednesday. 8 pre-primed 1x10's.

Thinking he had no time to have Morse Lumber deliver the goods, Mike went to the DeepHo on Friday night. (Much to my dismay, believe me - since it would have been cheaper at Morse.) But after being gone for what seemed like ever, Mike called in angst. The HD had nothing worthwhile. The boards were VERY poor quality, pre-primed gray and not white, and $30 a pop. He came home with nada.

So Saturday morning he called in the order to Morse and I went in a rush to pick it up at 9am, since they close at noon on Saturday. Lucky #1, Mike left me his truck. Lucky #2, the guys at Morse agreed to load and strap it for me. And though all that was lucky, it was still a bit stressful because our one man painting crew, Richard from across the street, was due over at 10am.

Sure enough, there he was, right when I pulled home in the driveway. And with a coffee for me to boot. (I needed it!)

After that madness, it was pretty much sooth sailing. Richard painted until he ran out of paint... we should have bought two gallons.  I suppose it was Lucky #3 that he was able to even round the corner.

You can pretty much see where the paint ended in this pic.... and honestly, the far end of that paint job was a real stretch and a half. Once we finish this coat of primer, we'll fill all the holes with caulk. A little backwards from our original plan - but it's probably better that way.

Why you ask? Well, Sunday the guys were over again bright and early to start trimming things out. They used up all of the wood we bought, cutting it down as needed to box in the top of the porch where the ceiling meets the framing. (Thus avoiding the larger cost of purchasing large boards, small boards, medium boards, etc etc.) And, they attached everything with the stronger framing nails. (Here's where I'm getting to the benefit of not-caulking.)

Very true, finishing nails would certainly leave less of a mark - but to the expense of strength. Better to hold it tight and use more caulk then to watch it fall some years and years down the line.

Already it looks so beautiful on the inside. We need to purchase some moulding to fit where the ceiling meets the trim to finish it off, but other then that, this is how it will look.

A portion of the front facing (outside) trim was also completed... until we ran out of materials of course, and looks similarly awesome.

Timmy and Richard left around 2ish, but Mike wanted to keep working. First he cleaned up the area, throwing out all the trash and just tiding up tools and whatnot. Then, he removed a few pieces of siding at the top where the ceiling meets the house and attached strapping. This had to be done so trim could be later attached there.

He also decided to trim out the front door - a decision I was personally psyched about. Especially since we had enough trim boards "in-stock" in the basement. We'll have to purchase some moulding to round that out too, but check another long standing not-done off the to-do list.

Up for this week - complete the primer coat on the ceiling and caulk. Purchase more materials - we have a new list, plus the moulding. Timmy is also going to bring by some samples of post trim, to give us an idea. Mike kinda wanted to increase the width of the posts - by a lot. Like double. Like 8" posts. I don't know if I'm hip to that. I hate columns. And wide posts would remind me of columns. Too masculine for me. I'm hip to a little bit of an increase - but no beefy posts por favor.

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