Beautiful Beautiful

The ceiling is complete... and it is beautiful. I can't tell you how happy I am to just stare at it - and it's not even painted yet.

Look at it!! All the angles coming together... the trim pieces.

The guys were all over on Sunday again to finish it - and, honestly, made quick work of the remaining pieces.

More would have been accomplished, but Timmy got called into work. No big deal. I didn't even think we'd get any trim up! In fact, I didn't even realize that the trim would be simple thin cuts of the same bead board. Simple - economical - genius. Looks amazing, even at the joints where the bead board changes direction.

Mike purchased the primer on Saturday and tinted it the very lightest of blue. (Blue, as you recall, is traditional for farmer's porch ceilings. Blue like the sky!) I wish I was painting it at this very moment. Unfortunately, I've been booted off the painting crew. Let's face it, I'm stuck as Senior VP of Baby Management. But it's not so bad - and with my jelly arms, I'm not so great at painting ceilings anyway.

First thing's first - the filling of all the nail holes. Mike may or may not remember to bring home caulking tonight. (There are so many bad an inappropriate jokes I could make here regarding filling, nail holes, caulk, and up - but I'll leave it all to your imagination. I'm sure I'll hear enough of it from the guys.) Once that's finished - paint away!

And a new materials list wouldn't hurt either. We didn't even end up purchasing new materials over last weekend - but did manage to make a couple of good purchases in other areas, so no complaints.

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