More Then 1/2 A Ceiling

Thursday night I arrived home to such a welcome sight. All the guys - working away on the porch ceiling. It made my evening, for sure. And in just a couple short hours, we went from 1/3 ceiling to 2/3 ceiling.

Check out the funky angles - all an effort to reduce seams and keep the bead board running straight. Don't forget, this porch is funky in that it is a fat L shape, with a large portion near the french doors. So as we go into the bottom line of the L, we switch direction on our bead board. Yes, that's not the ideal situation, but again, to avoid mad seams, we decided to make the switch.

 So this portion in the pic above, it's hard to tell, but the direction is flipped. Note that the hole has been cut for the fan box. Additionally, all the outlet holes have been cut on the "done" side of the porch. (Quote unquote)

Meanwhile, today begins MA's famous tax-free weekend! Yes, from Sat - Sun, you could save the 6.25% sales tax on any and all purchases under $2500. (Don't think I'm not dreaming about a fridge... but not right now.) Just this morning I was at BJ's 5mins after it opened to do a large shopping trip. Glad I did too, it was already getting busy!

Soooo.... yeah. I'm also dreaming of some additional porch building materials. I have no clue what we need next. No clue if Mike will be available to shop with me. No clue if Morse Lumber is open on Sunday. 

But I do know that if worse comes to worse, we need paint and we need a fan. We need railings - which I want so bad. But I just don't know what kind or how many. Should we go with the more expensive no-maintenance forever and ever kind?! Should we go with the economical pressure treated that needs painting again and again? Then there's trim.... And what about some lattice for the lower third? Oh - and stair stuff...

Ahhhhhh - overload!!!

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