Snakes and Ladders

Never assume anything is going to be easy. That's rule #1 of home renovation, but for some reason, we all seem to forget it every time.

Last night I decided to nix dance class so Mike could continue on the porch wiring. As you noticed yesterday, the majority of the wiring was done. Tonight's task: feed the wires down to the basement, hook it up to the panel, and run the speaker wire. Easy? Seemingly.

Mike got a wire snake from work, drilled a hole, and proceeded to fight with the snake, the wire, and the wall for the next couple hours. Something in the wall - some unknown obstacle - made the job near to impossible. Even when the wire and the speaker wire successfully emerged from the wall and into the basement, the even-seemingly-easier job of removing the snake proved to be absolutely impossible. It snagged on this unknown object in the wall and could not be freed. Mike had to cut it.

He was not happy at all.

Further troubles then prevented him from connecting everything to the panel and he finally threw in the towel for the night, incredibly frustrated.

Good news is - we measured, and the 48" fan will fit nicely. I won't dare to say that the hard part is over with, but hopefully we're at least nearing the top of the hill, with completion of the wiring tonight.

Also, I'd like to share with you a great resource, dedicated to your front porch! Aptly named, "Front Porch Ideas and More" this site has pages upon pages of porch photos! (Say that five times fast.) So whether you're looking for inspiration on landscaping, furniture, entertaining, railings, ceilings, decorating, and more... this site is definitely for you. Check it out!

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stoppedcooking said...


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kitrainia said...

What a great event and a great cause! Thanks for spreading the word. I will repost this morning.