Let the Finishing Commence

4Runner #1 is on Ebay..... The soft top is back on Ebay.....

And with those two items taken care of - we begin the wiring of the porch. Right now? Right now! Well... technically Right yesterday. But that's even better then right now, because right now, the wiring is 75% done. Sometimes I am so amazed at what can be accomplished when you have a couple hours of sheer motivation.

Unless Mike is feeling totally energetic after I get home from dance tonight around 8:30, the wiring will be completed on Wednesday night. I browsed the outdoor ceiling fan collections at both HD and Lowes and found that HD had much better prices. I personally like this fan. But I'll have to measure to see if the 48" is enough. If we have to go up to 52" we'll be looking at a more expensive fan for sure.  Not that we'll be getting the fan at this very second. In fact, it'll likely be the last thing on the list. But never hurts to make your design choices early. This fan also features the pull chains, which is good, since we're going to avoid a switch altogether. It'll just make things easier.

Side note - since the lamppost will have to be its own separate thing, we moved that project onto a later date as well. I thought it might be easy to tie into the porch wiring, but not the case. Oh well.

What time is it?! ADVENTURE TIME... no wait... CEILING TIME!

The bead board is wood, but not good-wood and not pre-primed. It will need to be painted. Sky blue, it is. Mike did get the pre-primed trim boards though, which is very good.

Of course, when I look at this pile, it seems to me like we have WAY too much. But my judgment is generally wrong. I'm no good at estimations of size, distance, or weight. So don't ask me to guess anything... at least not if you're hoping for a close to correct answer.

I'm not sure yet when we can start installing the bead board. When we're finished with the wiring, we'll check in with Timmy on his schedule. I'm not sure the next step after that. More trim? Stairs? Railings? Lattice to keep the animals from going underneath? I guess I'll be finding out soon enough.

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