Roof - CHECK!

It's finished!

Yes, the guys came over last night and worked tirelessly to finish the job and beat the rain. And it looks beautiful. Plus, Timmy got Mike all excited when he told him - "Yeah, all you have to do is this and that and this and you can take down the wall between the old garage and the addition and just have one big garage." (I'm paraphrasing here, of course.)

Mike asked me, "Do you think I should do it?" Pshaw! No contest! I said def! That way Mike could move his giant toolbox and work bench to the far far back wall and free up some much needed work space. I keep having the urge to run out and buy new garage doors so that Mike can move the old door to the garage addition... but I need to hold myself back. We've got the porch to finish.

Stay tuned! Wiring begins on Sunday! (And I'm going to do a lamppost at the same time, just like I've always wanted!)
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Garage Door Vancouver said...

That's some pretty neat roofing work, I have to say! Your comment about 'buying new garage doors' made me smile, we get that with a lot of our clients when they've just renovated their garage, and I have to admit, it totally completes the look. Good luck with the rest of the house, it seems to be coming along beautifully!