Cleaning Up

Last Saturday night, while trying to finish up repairs on 4Runner #1, we couldn't find the intake boot. The garage was a mess, the yard was littered with misc boat parts and beer cans, and Mike and I were both very frustrated about it. Luckily, after over a half hour of searching, Mike finally tracked down das boot in the garage addition, amongst another pile of misc.

But the whole debacle was enough to spark a Sunday Morning Clean Up. So first thing in the AM, Mike loaded up all the old boat trailer rollers, cans, and every other piece of junk on the side of the garage, in the garage addition, and in the regular garage - to the dump to the dump to the dump dump dump....

And here's the resulting "after" shot. I don't have a before shot for you. Too gruesomely messy for even the internet.

Upon returning from the dump, Mike set about REALLY cleaning out the garage. (It's been a disaster zone ever since he threw out his trash can... not the smartest move.) But I must admit, after just a couple hours in the AM, plus a few more hours in the PM (after we returned from our Clambake and BDay party) he made great progress. Half of the garage is clean.

4Runner #1, I may have forgotten to mention, is now fixed and running perfectly. I plan to clean it up and take pictures on Saturday, time permitting. I'll try and get it on Ebay... although now that it's the dead of summer, first gen 4Runner prices are down. I expected that, which is why I really wanted to take care of this back in spring, when every 4cyl manual sh*t box on there was going for 5,000+. This is a V6 auto... and sure it's rusty with a host of small issues and mileage up the wazoo - but it's still a V6 auto. And that's worth something to a lover of these. It just needs some TLC from someone who's willing to take the time with it. It's still the wrong time to sell. But I'll give it a go anyway. Winter is certainly not the time and I'd like this thing outta my hair.

Today - Mike will hopefully remember my box for the soft top. No bites on the craigslist ad yet.

Next up? The wiring of the farmer's porch! The speaker cable should be in by now - Thursday night we will probably purchase everything else we need. (Tues is my dance night, Wed is the demo derby at the fair, Friday is a tractor race, and Sat night is a potluck dinner - Summer of a Million Events continues!) So we probably won't be able to wire until Sunday at the earliest.

Will the roof be done by then too?! My sources say yes if weather permits. Can't wait!
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