We're well on our way to living room glory, once again. Last night Mike measured for, cut, and first coated the trim - as planned. He even planed the old window trim and re-installed.

*Yeah... when first trimming out the living room windows - I believe the first things in the house we trimmed out - we forgot to take into account the tilt-in cleaning feature and ended up with trim block. Realizing our mistake, we purchased a planer. (Which at the time we wondered how much we would ever use, but soon were praising for its versatility of use in a house where nothing is ever square, straight, level, plumb, or perfect.) And in trimming out the rest of our windows, planed the trim accordingly.... but never fixed the living room windows. Until now!!

Urg. I just left the computer for a minute after hearing the dreaded cat puke warning signal. Unfortunately, with my office fulla couch parts - I couldn't find the even more dreaded cat output. (The two cats have been munching on drywall and this morning I actually had to clean puke off of the newly installed window trim, baseboard, and plywood in the living room. Another reason to trim and trim fast!!)

Anyhoo. The rest of the trim is down in the basement, drying away. Tonight = second coat!

And perhaps if there's time, more hardwood prep to make tomorrow go as smoothly as possible. I'm so excited. I'm dropping off the little one right after his first feeding. Mike will start work at the same time, then I'll be back to join him, and we'll do as much as we can in the 8 or so hours we have!
Here's what Mike's accomplished so far! Ooooo! Behold doorway glory! (Doorway Glory, awesome band name!)

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