The Pland Sand

Today is sanding day! Yup, our good neighbor Dana came by on Monday to slap on another coat of mud, hitting the new drywall patches and all the old mistakes in the living room. And now that it's been drying out for 48hrs, he'll be back today to sand it out.

I'm not sure if this is the last sanding or not, but I'd guess not. If I remember correctly, after this initial sanding, we've got to do a pea coat and sand again before we can paint. And unfortunately, since our perfectionist neighbors fixed even all the tiny problemos, we have to repaint the entire room and the ceiling.

I hate painting ceilings.

The living room was the first room we painted... or I should say, I painted, since back in the day I did all the painting. Hard to believe. But this time will be the last time unless I decide to someday change the colors... which, after all this, will be a while.

I've also picked out a new rug! Check it out! (The 8x11 of course.) I hope to purchase not this week, but probably at the end of next week depending on where we are in progress land. I bought the rug for the baby's room from Walmart and was actually quite impressed with the quality and affordability. Our old rug I just love in terms of design... but it's so thin and notsocomfy. (What do you want - it's a $100 8x11 from Ebay? It owes me nothing.) Plus we have a baby playing on the floor to think about. The rug in his room is so super thick and I'm hoping that this one will be similar.

The old rug will find a new home in the basement, undoubtedly, which is perfect. It'll help define a "not junk" area.

So we're still on track for painting this weekend. I couldn't have planned things better.

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