The Thursday Report

And the report is - all is progressing well. Last night, Mike actually decided to get a jump on the most difficult part of the hardwooding process - the beginning. We're actually hardwooding up to and into the basement stairway, you know, behind the door, so that's where he began. The first pieces needed to be cut, placed, and face nailed. Not so easily done, but great to accomplish ahead of the big Sunday day.

Meanwhile, I accomplished my goal - re-installing all the outlet covers, switch plates, and recessed light trim. I cleaned up some of the paint mess, but the rest is just a lot of trash... and the trash hut is blocked by a snow bank, so I had to leave it for later. (Maybe we'll get enough melting today!)

Tonight will hopefully be the trim - I know Mike's not looking forward to it, but I reminded him last night how critical it is to getting the furniture back in the room. We cut and first coat tonight, second coat Saturday night, and we'll be set.

And speaking of critical to getting the furniture back in the room, I ordered the rug. Unfortunately, the earliest arrival date is 2/24. The latest is 3/8. I'm hoping that because the rug is sold by a Boston based Walmart reseller, it will arrive closer to the early date then the late date. Still, I'm not waiting 12 plus days to move in some furniture. That couch is going back downstairs, come what may.

I can't wait until Sunday!

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