The Return of the Kitchen

After last week's maddening living room schedule, last night seemed so tame! But, it was still significant enough to mention here because I got the kitchen back! Yes, there's been a chair in there for nearly a week - and the cat food has been underfoot for more then two. Both were moved to their proper locations last night, much to my relief.

We still haven't figured out our furniture configuration yet. And other then the couch, and now the chair, there's nada in the living room. Oh, I lied. There was a floor lamp in the kitchen that I moved back too.... but other then that - nada. I'm counting down the days until the arrival of the rug.

Mike also moved the two extra boxes of hardwood down to the basement. (Remember not to store your excess hardwood on the basement floor - it will ruin it. Concrete to wood moisture transfer or something along those lines, I think.) Anyway - this gave us back the hallway!!! Which, we've only had the use of half of for the better part of a year. Boy did it feel good... and strange... to walk down the hall without having to squish yourself past 12 boxes of hardwood.

Next step - I dunno. I'm still in a tizzy from Sunday.

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