We Interrupt this HouseBlog for an Important Announcement

I made the official myspace announcement just a couple days ago... so I figure it's time for the next step - official blog announcement. Let me begin with a demonstrative aid:

Does that say it all or what? I made this announcement on myspace and posted the following blog, which I will paste here:

Well, if the profile pic didn’t give it away – here’s the big exciting news: I’m pregnant.

I feel more than a little awkward making an official announcement like this – on myspace of all places. But it’s the quickest way to announce to everyone I don’t get to talk to or see very often, if ever now adays. And really this avoids all gossip and friends hearing it from friends of friends and not from me.... You know how those things go. Then I get about a million confirmation calls or the old, “Hey, I just heard the weirdest thing...” So, for everyone who thinks this is bizarre, me included, that’s your reason.

So the first question after the initial shock is usually, “How far along are you” or “When are you due?” Well, I’m most likely about 8 weeks, though I haven’t even had my first doctor’s appointment yet, so I can’t say anything for sure. I will most likely give birth in May, I would imagine. That’s perfect for me, since pregnancy in the hot humid summer months can’t be fun...

The second question usually involves Mike. How’s he taking it? Well, a lot better than me. You have to remember that I’m a psychotic worrier and general stress ball. At first, I was just freaked out about everything.. Mike, he was just happy. I said to him, Aren’t you worried? And he said, No, I’m just happy! (Easy for him to say!) Nevertheless, my stress and freaking out has calmed as I’ve researched, told more people, and gotten the support of friends, family, and co-workers.

The third question revolves around how I’ve been feeling. In a word: tired. In three words: out of it. My brain has totally left the building. But I’m thankful that I’m not too nauseous. Sometimes my stomach feels uneasy, but never queasy – if that makes any sense. I found I’ve been forgetful, ditzy... Kind of in that I-haven’t-gotten-enough-sleep mindset. I sleep and relax for most of the weekends – this in contrast to my usual busy bee attitude. It’s been quite a change. Friends have said I seem distant, distracted, even cold, but I don’t mean to be, I only often don’t feel like talking or doing anything.

After that, the questions are all over the place. We haven’t got names picked out. We’ll be happy with either boy or girl, but will definitely want to find out beforehand. Our downstairs bedroom will no longer be just for locking up the cats at parties. What else? I think I’ve covered the basics and if I’ve forgotten anything, feel free to ask.

Lastly, why wait to make this announcement? Well, of course many pregnancies end very early on, and I didn’t want to make announcement just have to make a second announcement, if you get the idea. I hope no one isn’t offended that they weren’t the first to know – most everyone who knew early has kind of stumbled upon the news by accident. (My lack of drinking both alcohol and coffee has given it away – you all know me too well!)

Oh and of course through all this, we’re very excited. Even me, through all my nervousness. =)
Thanks to everyone for your support and advice. I truly appreciate it.

*End Blog.

But readers of this blog may be curious to know how this will affect progress around the house. And let me say one thing, it has certainly brought about a more pressing need for stuff to get done. The one bathroom has become a major major problem when I have to pee really badly first thing in the AM and Mike is the first one in the bathroom. Then of course there's the current guest bedroom, which needs to be converted into baby room. And of course all those uncompleted projects littered about the house...

Money and time is as always, not on our side. Energy is a new concern - we both have none! But as always, we try to press on. And of course, blog on.


Kathy from NJ said...

Congratulations to you both. There are some wonderful "Mommy Blogs" out there if you ever need support from others who have been there (and been asked the same nosy questions over & over). When you announce the sex (if you do) the first question will be "Have you chosen a name yet?" It's much less stressful if you can say no, and announce the name after the baby is born.