Estimations and Materials

We've decided to go to Morse Lumber in person early Saturday morning to get roofing pricing. It'll just be easier. Mike already has plans for this Saturday, so we can't start on it this weekend, but hopefully we will be able to next weekend... because by next weekend it will be the beginning of the end of September. Unbelievable isn't it?

Our neighbor estimates that if the guys can really work quickly, they could have the whole thing done in one weekend. But if not, then definitely within two weekends. That's more good news. I'm really looking forward to wrapping this thing up by October.

After that, I have some inside work to be done before the infamous Halloween party... mostly I'd like the mud/dining room finished. Which shouldn't be too tough really. I just have to get my dadoo to help with the tile and then we can install the wood flooring that we already have leftover from upstairs. I'd like to get the closet doors on too, but I don't really expect to be able to do all the trimming out before the party.