The Roof Race is On!

What a wash of a weekend! Saturday morning, Mike and I battened down the hatches for the impending tropical storm Hanna. Then we sat inside and suffered in the 97% humidity watching movies and waiting for the storm.... which turned out to be a whole lot of nothing. But at least we got the scaffolding put away and the plywood downstairs. Not a total loss for our cleaning efforts.

Sunday morning our neighbor's nephew came by to look at and measure the roof. The good news is - he can do it and our neighbor will help out too. He measured it and told us everything we need to get. And the bad news? Well, we've got to order up all those materials. I'm not sure what the cost is going to be, but I'm sure it won't be pretty, whatever it is.

I'm not sure if we're even starting this weekend - considering the forecast already predicts rain all weekend. We'll see - they're always changing their minds mid week.

Hopefully Mike will be able to make a call into Morse Lumber to get a price on and order (if the price is do-able) the materials. The guys estimated it would only take a couple of weekends to get the entire thing done, which is great news. Fall is upon us.