Roofing Along Nicely

Mike is exhausted. The weekend was long and hard and I was basically out of commission the entire time; much to his dismay. But the guys worked so hard and got so much accomplished... there were so many people around, I wasn't even really needed!

Saturday the guys began by stripping the very tip top of the roof and working their way down the kitchen side. TJ was there to set the farmer's porch in order, plus Timmy the roofer, Rich and Dana our neighbors, and of course Mike. By the end of Saturday, all of that side was stripped and the very tip top of the roof was, well, roofed! Plus, they were able to easily load all the scrap into the truck.

I didn't even have to unload the truck at the dump - Rich offered to come over at 6:30am so he and Mike could be the first guys to the dump at 7am on Sunday. And they were! (I slept.)

See the tip top portion all done?

Sunday the guys were able to start right on roofing, since everything had already been stripped. They roofed the mudroom and the rest of slanted portion on that side, then ice 'n watered the entire farmer's porch roof.

Mike & Timmy working on the Mud Room Roof

Ice & Water on the Farmer's Porch Thru Screen

I'll have to take an after pic tonight - it was too dark when the guys finally finished up last night. They were over drinking both nights until after nightfall. I'm so glad we decided to get a new 1/2 keg in the kegerator! The guys really enjoyed hanging out with each other afterwords.