Promised Pics

Amazing what one little hanging plant can do to the overall look of a doorway.

Trogdor - the Oil Burninator. They eyes were originally the feet of the oil tank.

The front yard - graded and grassless. September is supposedly the best time to plant grass. I hope I can hydroseed soon.

The rock wall - yes, you're not supposed to do it that way, but it looks nice, don't it?


Anonymous said...

was your oil tank inside your house before you removed it? I know you stated that you used a sawzall to cut it open. I have one in my basement I need to cut to get rid of it. It has a little oil sludge left and was worried that by cutting it, it could ignite and catch on fire.

kitrainia said...

The oil tank was in our old basement. We removed it with our skid steere - we guided it to the basement door, ran chains around it, and then lifted it out with the forks. It is a heavy thing. When we cut it, it didn't spark at all. Make sure you have a blade for cutting metal. Although supposedly, home heating oil is not as flammable as gasoliine.... I think. Make sure to do your research. I think someone told me it has to be a fine mist to really be flammable.