Mike: The Next Generation

Mike has been the nicest person ever since we got married. Maybe it's the release of all the stress. Maybe it's newlywedism. In any case, I like it. Just this weekend Mike helped me install the soap dispenser I've been wanting to install since August, 2005. Then he changed my oil.

And - Sunday morning I happend to mention that he should call our carpenter to come over and install our new stair steps. I go out to do a few errands - and when I come back, he's tearing up the old stairsteps to put in the new ones! When I walked in and said "What are you doing?!" he merely answered, "You said you wanted it done."

Well I just thought that was the awesomest thing ever. We installed the new treads and they look pretty good. We still have to trim them out and everything - but it's already a lot better then those old treads with the nails sticking out of them. Can't tell you how many times I nearly punch a hole in my foot.

This same weekend I also installed three new eyeball trims in the upstairs office recessed lighting fixtures. Looks a heck of a lot better I tell 'ya. That was my mini-project along with the normal cleaning.

Ooo! Ooo! Also due in early this week is our new furnace. I can't wait. Once we have that in hand, we'll head to the Deep-Ho and get a hot water tank. A nice biiiig one. (Because I've lived with short showers and no baths for waaaay too long.)

Also, we're going to try and get some seed/fertilizer for the front yard. Just some el cheapo bags. Couldn't hurt, and we decided not to spend big bucks on a lawn right now. Who knows. Maybe we'll grow some grass or something. Isn't that a novel idea?